• Reliable, efficient, dictation with 100% accuracy in a timely 24-hour turn around.
  • Full-time, part-time, vacation, or holiday contracts available.
  • Paralegal services for independent medical evaluations, depositions, expert witness medical malpractice letters, review of records outline, etc.
  • Dictation options of digital, telephone, or cassette dictation.
    • Free digital equipment, setup, and service of equipment.
    • Free 24-hour STAT telephone dictation service. Dictation from anywhere in the world using a touch-tone telephone with keypad controls customized for record, playback, rewind, fast forward, etc.
    • Free pickup and delivery of cassettes.
    • Free document CD archiving.
    • Free document plain paper printing or direct letterhead printing.
    • Free letterhead design with direct document printing to cut costly overhead of letterhead and envelope printing.
    • Macro and template design resources to decrease dictation time in half.
    • Full knowledge of insurance company requirements regarding documentation.
    • Dictation review by medical or legal staff professionals.

Healthcare entities have been forced to reduce costs. Many healthcare organizations have realized the value of reducing capital expenditures and outsourcing to meet the demands of cost reduction. Additionally, employing an in-house transcriptionist is very costly in overhead expenditures. The benefits of outsourcing certainly outweigh those of the in-house transcriptionist.

For example overhead costs can include:

  • Paid sick days, vacation days, holidays, payroll taxes, overtime benefits, and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Often, productivity is not measured and is less than optimal.
  • System maintenance repair costs for transcriber, hand-held tape recorders, printers, and tape repair.
  • Letterhead printing, paper, and supplies are costly expenses.


Smith Transcription provides our clients with the highest level of accuracy. We employ highly skilled quality assurance specialists who provide continuing education to our growing highly qualified transcriptionists.


Pricing depends on your office

As each office differs as to margins, font size, and specifics of the finished document, pricing depends on your office. For example, offices that do not need a 24-hour turnaround pay a lower line rate. Offices that use a macro or template system may use a page fee, instead of the line fee. All of which depends on your office.

Free consultation to assist you

Smith Transcription would like to offer your office a free consultation to assist you in the most cost-effective transcription experience.

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